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Using the same unit to measure space

M. N.

Using the same unit to measure space

I apologize for the very basic question.

I am enlarging the existing LUNs on a P4300 cluster after adding 2 new nodes.

I want to use all the available space and to assign the same size to all the existing LUNs, but I am in trouble because when looking at used space and to available space I see some dimensions expressed in TB, other in GB.


  • Is there any way to tell the CMC show all the dimensions using the same unit (GB or TB)?

What is the right way to convert TBs to GBs? I made some tests dividing TBs by 1024 but the result in GB is not the one I expected...


  • If there is some unused space after enlarging all the LUNs, how can I use it without losing any GB of space? Can I tell the CMC to enlarge a given LUN to fill up all the available space?
  • Is there any problem if the existing LUNs are slightly different in size?






Regular Advisor

Re: Using the same unit to measure space

Hi Marius,

Disk drives are typically rated for capacity in terabytes, or 1000 GB, but 1024 GB is called a tebibyte. Usually if you're looking at capacities in a raid controller interface those number are in TB. When you're looking at capacities from the operating system's perspective the numbers are in TiB. Most people use these terms interchangeably. There are websites that show how to convert between the two bases and will probably account for the difference you are seeing.