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ACLs on 2824

Occasional Contributor

ACLs on 2824

Hi There,

I've an HP Procurve 2824 with I.10.77 installed. I need that 2/3 IPs can't reach/access to one port or VLAN.

So... I see on http://cdn.procurve.com/training/Manuals/2800-RelNotes-I1077-59906049.pdf (Pages 93-100) that the HP2824 can Filtering IP and MAC Addresses Per-Port and Per-VLAN or activate the Dynamic IP Lockdown.

On page 95 talks about Permit/Deny, etc.

My problem is... How installed the DCHP-SNOOPING?.

This is the VLAN:

vlan 2
untagged 18-19,21-24
ip address

And the Port is # 24.

Thanks a lot in advance.