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Configuring IAS Radius with Procurve 2848 Issues

Occasional Advisor

Configuring IAS Radius with Procurve 2848 Issues

I have been following the access guide to set this up and there have been some bumps along the way. First of all it says to use the following to configure Radius for the website:

aaa authentication web login radius none
aaa authentication web enable radius none

I get an error trying to run this. If I do show auth mine doesn't webui it says web-auth. ChapRadius is already listed under LoginPrimary and nothing else is listed under the other columns, not even none. Do I need to upgrade my firmware to use RADIUS on the website? I am running Version: I.08.58, ROM I.08.05.

Second issue is configuring Telnet to use RADIUS. I have it all setup and working but when I login I am in operator mode, how do I set it to use Manager mode instead when I login? Thanks in advance.

Re: Configuring IAS Radius with Procurve 2848 Issues


Yes, the very first thing you should do is upgrading to I.10.43 - as you can see, the software you're running is very old and I.10.43 obviously includes alot of fixes and enhancements.

Link: http://www.hp.com/rnd/software/J49031043.htm

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Re: Configuring IAS Radius with Procurve 2848 Issues

When I login with my Active Directory user I am only in Operator mode. How do you set RADIUS to kick it into Manager mode? I really need to get this fixed so I'd appreciate it if someone could help, thanks.
Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: Configuring IAS Radius with Procurve 2848 Issues

well, what you are wanting would be "the (Optional) Access Privilege Option"...however it only looks like they enabled this feature for tacacs and not radius on the 28xx...in I.10.43 code...

since i don't have a 28xx to try, you might try the commands and see if it works for radius...

you can see the config particulars in the radius section of the 5300 ASG:

sorry the news is more positive...