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Error when loading control panel

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Error when loading control panel

"This product requires the Java language, which is either disabled or not available on this browser.

To use this product you must either upgrade your browser to one that is Java compliant, or enable the Java language on your current browser. "

Anyone know how to get java on my browser.

It was working and then stopped.

I also downloaded and installed this but it didn't help.


I don't use java for anything else so I have no idea what it requires ext to run on my browser.

I have the latest stable for IE and run windows xp home.

Thanks for any help!

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Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Error when loading control panel

Try using Firefox instead.


Frank Dwyer
Occasional Visitor

Re: Error when loading control panel


I experienced the same issue.

You may have installed 64 bit Java for your 64 bit OS. In this case use 64 bit IE then browse to switch.

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