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HP Procurve 4108GL OS troubleshoting

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Stefan B Buchleitner.
Occasional Advisor

HP Procurve 4108GL OS troubleshoting


i read a good load of treads about trouble downloaing OS to the switch most of them applying to TopTools and solved by using Hyperterminal...

my problem is different and could be caused by other problems... it started with the adding of a Procurve 4000M (j4121A) as a member to a stack commanded by the 4108gl... in the browser management i constantly got an "timed out" error when trying to access switch 4000M...

i decided to upgrade OS on switches... the OS for 4000M went smoothly but tho 4108GL cannot download... i tried CLI, menu and tftp, and read every troubleshooting method on each of them...
the only method even giving a transfer is xModem... but it can only connect at 2400 baud, (allthough the manual says it will autodetect and connect at up to way more) and after about 3 hours of transer i get the error: "terminated by remote system" and i have retried this method more than 15 times...
on tftp i can ping and i can connect and load file from everywhere else than the switch... from CLI i can successfully ping the IP address but i get "cannot connect" og "peer unreachable"...
furthermore i figured the boot code migt be outdated g.05.01 but i cant seem to find anything on where to get the code or how to install it...

my current os (not boot code) is: g.05.02
the OS i try downloading is: g_07_53 (from PC) zize= 2,88MB


why cant i connect with faster speed than 2400 baud?
is there any "to do checklist" for troubleshooting this problem?
is between upgrades nessesary and if, wich ones? i havent found anything saying it is.

i spend about 3 days on this so any help would be welcome.

is there more information i need to tell to solve the issue plz post for it...

Stefan !
Steven Anderson_6
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP Procurve 4108GL OS troubleshoting

Stefan, I've gone from 5.02 to 7.53 on the 4108 platform so there shouldn't be any intermediate softwares to install. I had a similar problem with a 4108 trying to go from 7.26 to 7.53. I eventually replaced the switch, reset it to factory defaults and then I brought it up on the network and it got a dhcp address and I could then get it to upgrade. I never did figure out what was preventing it. If you go that route, you can just do a show IP command to find out what address it got, attach your laptop and start your ftp software and it should be straight forward from there. On the Xmodem side, if you want you can set the baud rate from the cli. Enter configuration mode and type set console baud 9600 and that will lock it to 9600 baud after you save and reboot. I've never been able to set it higher than that and still communicate but that should at least speed up the xmodem transfer. Hope this helps.
Stefan B Buchleitner.
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP Procurve 4108GL OS troubleshoting

Hi Steve...

thank you for your fast reply... actually the solution you mention i did yesterday... though i got a baud rate at 57600 and did not test further as i really want this to be over...
i spoke to a whole lot of people around and none (not even the one supposed to knew) gave any good information...
i think the problem with 2400 is that the switch cannot transfer for more than x minutes (about 2½ hours)...
but anyway... you solution would at any sircumstance have solved the problem to xModem... as i said i have not testet furter... that may come next week or so...

1 thing for shure the autodetect feature does not work on 4108gl at least not on OS: g.05.02

but to my problem "how do i get faster baud" you get A+

now i just have to figure out how to give the score =(

Stuart Teo
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP Procurve 4108GL OS troubleshoting

Hi guys,

I'm not sure which terminal emulators you guys use but mine allows me to lock at 115200. On the switch end, it is default at AUTO DETECT but you can lock it at 115200 as well. Using the factory-shipped null modem cable, I've always been able to file-xfr at 115200 using x-modem with no problem. Make sure that your terminal emulator support the correct flavor of x-modem.
If a problem can be fixed, there's nothing to worry. If a problem can't be fixed, worrying ain't gonna help. Bottom line: don't worry.
Stefan B Buchleitner.
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP Procurve 4108GL OS troubleshoting

The Terminal emulator would of course be set to VT100 (manual says it has to be) and baud rate works fine when initiated via commandline and then connected to. but the autodetect feature does not work on my GL4108.
Thank you for your reply anyway.

Stefan !
Stefan B Buchleitner.
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP Procurve 4108GL OS troubleshoting

i solved my problem but did not know about closing threads as im new to forums...