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HP switches Do support Tacacs+ protocol.


HP switches Do support Tacacs+ protocol.

Hello friends,

As i have been through Hp configuration guide i have seen tacacs+ protocol support,though it is cisco proprietary protocol,

Just to confirm Hp switches support TACACS+ protocol,

what is the configuration to be done on Hp switches to sent login authentication information to cisco secure access control server (CSACS).????

Javed Padinhakara
Respected Contributor

Re: HP switches Do support Tacacs+ protocol.

Yes specific HP switches(3400cl,4200vl,6400cl...) do support TACACS+ for CONSOLE and TELNET access authentication.

Its simple to configure and is similar to the one done for RADIUS authentication..

Step 1) Let the switch know the TACAS server IP:---
ProCurve(config)#tacacs-server host

Step 2) Configure the Key to be used for authentication:---
ProCurve(config)#tacacs-server key

Step 3) Setup TACACS authentication either for console or telnet access

ProCurve(config)# aaa authentication console tacacs

Hope that helps you get started...

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