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Major Networking Dilema Need HELP!!!

Occasional Contributor

Major Networking Dilema Need HELP!!!

Hi guys, I have this major major dilema and its giving me a terrible headache. I'm currently running on windows xp pro on my main computer, and my networked laptop is running on windows xp home edition. I'm running on a crossover connection with a crossover cable. The network was working just fine before, but then some errors occured. And i reset the network. since then, I have not been able to stay on the network for longer than 25 minutes without the main computer crashing. I'm connected on the internet through DSL connection. I have formatted both the laptop and the main computer, but yet, it still causes the network to crash and the main computer to crash also. What is the problem? Has anyone had a similar situation before? I really need help on this. Thanks.
Jerome Henry
Honored Contributor

Re: Major Networking Dilema Need HELP!!!

First, be sure about one thing : XP pro doesn't crash by itself. I am still not m$ lover, but XP pro IS stable. So if your computer crahses, then it can be :
- hardware related, maybe a prob on your HD or your motherboard. If it is the case, then it should crash even when not connected to the other.
- Soft related, and there can be many reasons, turning from Norton antivirus to peer to peer stuff such as kazaa. To figure out what is happening, try to think about what you may have installed above the OS a few time before it started crashing, even services pack. Last, it can be a BIOS virus, check your box just in case, thru symantec.com for example, if your box lasts the 20mn needed.
By the way, XP family is known to have problems connecting to a network, but you do not sem to be concerned about this.
hope this helps.

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