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PCM+ and populating the configuration tab

Kelly Woody
Occasional Visitor

PCM+ and populating the configuration tab

I am having trouble with some of my switches not populating the switch configuration under the configuration tab. What does PCM+ use to pull this data. I thought it would use SNMP. On the same switch it reads port utilization. Wouldn't that mean that the PCM+ and SNMP on the switch are configured with the correct credentials?
Javed Padinhakara
Respected Contributor

Re: PCM+ and populating the configuration tab

Hello Kelly Wood,

Two quick checks

a) launch Tools>Policy Manager. Check the history for the default policy named as "Default Scan". This is responsible for pulling the configuration information from devices and is enabled by default. See the History sub-tab against this policy and check if it reports any error.

b) Right click one of the devices where you see this problem and launch Config Manager> Scan. Provide the inputs and appropriate selections and see what is the result - any errors etc?
As you can see from this Scan wizard flow, PCM would use either TFTP or SCP to pull the configurations from the device. Using SCP would require additional steps, which you can easily find by clicking the "Help" in the scan window.

Let me know how this goes about.

ps:- Noticed that you have joined recently and hence thought will share an important etiquette followed in the forum - assign points on scale (1-10) to people trying to help by answering your queries; its an appreciation for the time they spend in responding to your questions.