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Procurve 5300 console not responding

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Procurve 5300 console not responding

I have just bought my first procurve 5300 switch and I'm having issues accessing the console. When I connect I don't get a copyright screen, just a mute terminal with a blinking cursor. There is no copyright screen or prompt.

I have tried various cables PC's Terminal emulators and VT terminals. Rebooting he switch does not help.

Can I assume the connection should be 9600 8bit no parity.

Is there a command I have to type to activate the CLI?

Any help greatly appreciated
Jarret Workman
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Re: Procurve 5300 console not responding

I sometimes have issues getting HyperTerminal to connect. The Hyperterminal settings should be 9600bps, 8, none, 1, and I usually change the flow control to Xon/Xoff. If you are still unable to connect, try leaving the HyperTerminal session active and the console cable attached and press the RESET button on the switch to do a warm reboot. You should see the switch POST information come up on the console session if it is communicating.

If you still have issues, I have had good success using Tera Term Pro as the terminal emulator. It should be easily found by performing a Google search.


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Re: Procurve 5300 console not responding

I had to leave Hyperterminal running while I did a reboot. At that point it let me in.

Thanks for the replys.