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Procurve switch configuration

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Procurve switch configuration

I have to connect a procurve switch to our Cisco core switch.I did configured the main link to the switch as trunk and on do1q and on a procurve ,I did configure the port as a trunk.Both links shows up but I when I do "sh cdp neighbour detail, I can't see a thing and I can't even ping the switch.Not sure
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Re: Procurve switch configuration

the Trunk on Procurve is different than Cisco, for ProCurve trunk mean link aggregation.

in your situation please remove the trunk that you have created on the procurve switch, then the port that connects to cisco device, it will be untagged by default on the nativ vlan which is vlan 1 so leave it like this, on the other vlans configure this port as TAGGED :

for example you have vlan 20, 30

vlan 20
tagged ...

vlan 30
tagged ...

that's it, it should work like this.