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Subneting client network for restricted vpn access.

Nelson Maldonado
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Subneting client network for restricted vpn access.

Hi all,

I'm not a network guy, just a small systems guy trying to do my best...

I have a small client office housing two companies that currently share a single network connected to a switch thats connected to a router thats connected to a ADSL modem for shared internet access.

I have setup a VPN for one user in each co. to access their office pc's.

I would like to set things up to allow each remote user to access only their pc. The problem is that with only one network and the way the remote vpn client and office router are setup, each remote user can access all of the office pc's on the network. So at this time restricted access is not possible.

The client office has a...
- 1 Linksys BEFSX41 router w/4port switch that supports two vpn tunnels.
- 1 Linksys EZXS16W workgroup switch.
- 1 shared web/email server running WXP Pro.
- 6 user pc's (4 for co.1 and 2 for co.2)
- 2 SSN Sentinel 1.4 remote vpn clients at two users homes.
- We are using class c, 192.168.0.x, nonroutable ip addresses for internal use.

I believe the goal of resticted access can be achieved by dividing the network into three subnets and purchasing some additional routers.

It seems to me that i would have to split the office network into three subnets like...

[ADSL modem]
[router ] 192.168.(0.1)
| | |
/---| | |----\
/ | \
[router]1.1 [router]2.1 [router]3.1
(server) (company1) (company2)

- ( for default gateway router.
- ( for the shared server subnet.
- ( for co. 1 subnet.
- ( for co. 2 subnet.

Am i in the ballpark?

Or can it be done with the equipment that i have by messing around with the router's routing table?

I any case, how do i insure that both companies get the proper access to the web/email server? Would this require making enteries into the routers routing tables?

I hope i'm not asking for too much.

Valued Contributor

Re: Subneting client network for restricted vpn access.

Hi Nelson,

i think, that will not run. What you need is a VLAN setup. So you have to use a 802.1q compliant switch and router. You shall use (as an example) a HP 2512 Switch and a cisco 1711 with the corresponding WIC.