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Hi all.


I have dilemma to choose the good switch. Right now, i have 3 choice for the HP Switch.


HP 1820-24G v2 Switch (J9980A)

HP 1810-24 v2 Switch (J9801A)

HP 1620-24G Switch (JG913A)


but how  can i know which of this switch can support all this features i list below here:


  1. Support LACP
  2. iMC manageable. Configurable by iMC
  3. MRTG compatible.
  4. Nagios compatible.
  5. VLAN support from range 1-4094. But allow total VLAN support below 24 VLAN.
  6. SNMP v3
  7. SNMP-trap.
  8. Log into external syslog.
  9. Support NTP
  10. Mac record support minimum 4K.
  11. Broadcast traffic support.

Can anybody help me for solve my dilemma?


Thank you.