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Wireless Module initial config

Regular Advisor

Wireless Module initial config

So we have a 5406 core switch, that is fully configured... 20 or so vlans etc. vlans are laebled vlan1-d vlan5-d etc... all have -d or -v for data/voice.

I stuck a zl wireless module in "f" in the core...

I ssh to the core
then do "wireless-services f"
5400# "show ip interface"
and get this

Interface IP-Address/Mask Status Protocol
vlan1 unassigned(DHCP) up up

says vlan1 has no ip... I cant ping anything while in the wireless-services screen.

So here's my question (I havent had to touch these procurves in 14 months as we had a network guy takign care of them, well he left... so...)

I installed the wireless module... and it appears like it created or tried to join vlan1, which didnt exist on our core... How do i get this thing configured so i can manage it? I need it to join "vlan90-d"