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excessive broadcasts received on procurve switch

Frequent Advisor

excessive broadcasts received on procurve switch


My setup looks like this

Physical servers â DL 380 G6

OS â ESXi 4.1.0 build 260247

Storage â Clariion CX4

Switch - Procurve 2510G-24 (J9279A). s/w version - Y.11.16 ROM - N.10.02

Network â each ESXi server has 4 ports

Two of them are connected to corporate LAN
Rest two are connected to Procurve 2510G-24 (J9279A). IP address range of 192.168.X.X

Guest VM â windows 2008 64 R2
Each guest VM has two virtual NICS
One â E1000 connected to corporate LAN (10.X.X.X IP address)
Second â VMXNET3 connected to Procurve 2510G-24 (J9279A) IP address range of 192.168.X.X

The problem â
I see excessive broadcasts detectedâ ¦.on port which is the 192.168.X.X network.
We have networker backup server which has 192.168 IP address and it tries to backup data from the guest OS and the backup fails.
I have not created any teaming on EXSi hostsâ ¦..just plugged in two network cables from each server to the procurve switch. I am not sure if this is causing looping.

On the guest OS, I see the following

Event id 2012
While transmitting or receiving data, the server encountered a network error. Occassional errors are expected, but large amounts of these indicate a possible error in your network configuration. The error status code is contained within the returned data (formatted as Words) and may point you towards the problem.

Can someone please guide me on what could be the issue. Thanks
Mohammed Faiz
Honored Contributor

Re: excessive broadcasts received on procurve switch


I'd recommend setting up (static) LACP trunking on your links between the ESX servers and the switch.
To do this on your 2510 use the command for:

switch(config)# trunk PORT_NUMS trk1 LACP

PORT_NUMS is a list of the ports for one trunk, e.g. 1,2

and then just repeat for each trunk:

switch(config)# trunk PORT_NUMS_2 trk2 LACP