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problems with PCM: port list and tab

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problems with PCM: port list and tab


I have a question about PCM and switch informations: infos reported on "port list" tab and "port status" tab about active ports on a switch doesn't respect connected MAC addresses (as we can view on a telnet session): these infos are old or missing.

What can we do to solve the problem? It's important.

Thanks and regards,
Giulio VILLANI (Banca del Piemonte)
Tore Valberg
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Re: problems with PCM: port list and tab


Are you referring to the port-assignment table?

If so i would recommend you to install PCM Auto-update 4 once it has been released.

I am not sure exactly when it will be released, but should be soon.

If you cannot wait for AU4, please contact support to have a case opened, and link to this tread.