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3Com 4500 Web/SNMP access from different networks

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3Com 4500 Web/SNMP access from different networks



I have a 3Com 4500 switch with a single VLAN, all ports are dedicated to this VLAN. I’ve set up the

management IP address to All devices, connected directly to this switch, are in the range of and I can manage this switch without problems via the WEB interface from any device, directly connected to this switch in network.


However, I also have a router connected to switch and this router has a VPN connection to antoher location. This location has another network of ---- router/VPN --- INTERNET --- router/VPN ---


I’ve set proper NATing/routing on the router and devices from the first network and vice versa have full access, accessible and working with no problems.


However, the problem is, that this switch ( is NOT accessible from the network (all other devices are). I’ve tried to set ACLs but this doesn’t seem to be the problem. Do I really have to put manual Static Routes on this switch, to be accessible from the network? Or is there any other configuration setting to allow this?


Thanks for help!


Kind regards, Marko.

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Re: 3Com 4500 Web/SNMP access from different networks

If the switch doesnt have its default gateway set to or whatever the ip of your router/VPN for that network may be then yes you'll need the static route.

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Re: 3Com 4500 Web/SNMP access from different networks



Thanks for the hint! I've added the default gateway:


<4500> system-view
<4500> interface vlan-interface 1
<4500-Vlan-interface1> ip route-static


And now it works as I wanted it to work!