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Boot error xw6200

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Boot error xw6200


I have an HP xw6200 with dual 3.2Ghz (Irwindale) processors. The issue I am having is that if i detach the internal connector to the front panel USB ports, I get an error message during boot which forces me to press F1 in order to continue. I have installed an internal multi-card reader into the internal 3.5" bay. I wasn't too concerned with having both of the front USB ports functioning, so I removed the pins from the plastic pin connector to install directly to the motherboard. Everything works fine ( both the card reader as well as the top usb port ) with the exception of the F1 boot error. If i press F1 , the system boots as expected and everything works perfectly. Is there a way to disable this in the post-boot config somehow? There are NO visable options within the bios itself to disable the F1 boot prompts. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Boot error xw6200

hello wayne, i've got the same problem with my xw6200. do you've already solved ?
thanks for reply.
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