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Re: CFS on an Oracle RAC

Tom Wolf_3
Valued Contributor

CFS on an Oracle RAC

Hello all.

We have a two node Oracle RAC cluster.

Each node is running RHEL 6.10.

This Oracle RAC cluster has been in place for years.

It shares a single file system called /ora_backup.

This file system is mounted on a single node at a time.

There is no "autofs" set up as the original design was to have /ora_backup manually mounted after a DB health check in the event one of the nodes failed.

Don't ask me why it was configured that way.

I didn't built it - just supporting.

Anyway, we are now implementing a new backup client on these two servers (Dell Avamar).

Dell Avamar requires a shared directory that each node can access.

/ora_backup is only mounted on one node at a time, so it can't be used for this purpose.

We thought of using NFS but that would require setting up an NFS server and these two nodes as NFS clients.

We're now thinking a clustered file system (CFS) would be the best approach.

We already have a LUN presented to both nodes that would be shared but since I've never configured a CFS before, I'm not sure how to go about doing it.

I did a few Google searches but didn't really find anything appropriate for our circumstances - trying to configure a CFS on an existing two node Oracle RAC.

Any guidance provided would really be appreciated.

Thanks everyone.



Re: CFS on an Oracle RAC

Hello Tom ,

In RHEL 6.10 you can use gfs2 fs as CFS . For that you can configure redhat cluster on same node . and the gfs filesystem will be added as resource to the redhat cluster.

Note : both RAC cluster and REDHAT cluster can coexist on same nodes.


Few thing you need to consider before opting for GFS2 fs on cluster .

1: This fs should configured on LVM only.

2: You must configure fencing .



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