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Control code

Aritra Gupta
Occasional Contributor

Control code

Hi ..
Can anyone pls let me know out of the follwoing control codes ,which portion determines from which tray the printer should pick up the paper :

80-Col Start Ctrl: /027E/027&l0O/027(s0p10h12v0s0b3T/027&l70P/027&l1H


132-Col Start Ctrl: /027E/027&l0O/027(s0p8.5v0s0b3T/027&l70P/027&l1H


Honored Contributor

Re: Control code

for what printer mfg / model? you might try the users guide for it as well
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Control code

If I had a printer question, I might expect
better answers sooner in a printer forum than
I would in this HP-UX forum. However, ...

This looks to me like PCL, about which I
know nothing, but I'd bet a small fortune
that a Google search for keywords like
pcl reference
would find a large number of documents which
could help you interpret these commands.
For example:

"/027" = Escape

For example, E is "Printer Reset",
"&l0O" is "Page Orientation" (where "0"
specifies Portrait), and so on.
Honored Contributor

Re: Control code

examining the "model" script associated with the printer in question may also provide information as to which codes are needed for which trays