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Error In Listguis output

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Error In Listguis output

Hi All,

I am geting a starnge warning message in output of Listguis

lsof_B.11.23_IA64: WARNING: access /.lsof_HNHP1: No such file or directory
lsof_B.11.23_IA64: WARNING: created device cache file: /.lsof_HNHP1

What does this error message mean is there something wrong ?

Re: Error In Listguis output

This is one more error message .. these warning are from syslog.........

Oct 13 07:45:25 HNHP1 EMS [3917]: ------ EMS Event Notification ------ Value: "CRITICAL (5)" for Resource: "/system/events/ia64_corehw/core_hw" (Threshold: >= " 3") Execute the following command to obtain event details: /opt/resmon/bin/resdata -R 256704514 -r /system/events/ia64_corehw/core_hw -n 256704625 -a

I need help in understanding these messages.. Are they harmfull for server ?
Patrick Wallek
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Re: Error In Listguis output

>>lsof_B.11.23_IA64: WARNING: access /.lsof_HNHP1: No such file or directory
>>lsof_B.11.23_IA64: WARNING: created device cache file: /.lsof_HNHP1

Apparently the listguis command uses lsof. When it was run, apparently by root since it is putting the .lsof file in /, it determined that lsof had not been run before since the .lsof_HNHP1 file does not exist. It then created that file.

The next time you run the listguis command, you should not see this message.

As to your EMC error message, do what the message says and execute this command:

# /opt/resmon/bin/resdata -R 256704514 -r /system/events/ia64_corehw/core_hw -n 256704625 -a

If you run the command and post the results then we can tell you whether or not this is a major problem.

Re: Error In Listguis output

Thanks Patrik for the reply.

Output from the command is as below. But we have only one power supply. So that is already so nothing to Worry right ?

Probable Cause / Recommended Action:

The minimum number of power supplies required to power the unit is
currently installed and operating. There are no redundant I/O power
supplies available in case of failure. If redundancy is desired another
Power supply should be added.

For information on the sensor that generated this event, refer to FRU ID
in Event Details section.

Additional Event Data:
System IP Address...:
Event Id............: 0x4cb5012500000000
Monitor Version.....: B.01.00
Event Class.........: System
Client Configuration File...........:
Client Configuration File Version...: A.01.00
Qualification criteria met.
Number of events..: 1
Associated OS error log entry id(s):
Additional System Data:
System Model Number.............: ia64 hp server rx3600
EMS Version.....................: A.04.20
STM Version.....................: C.58.00
System Serial Number............: SGH4840EA4
Latest information on this event:
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Re: Error In Listguis output

Hi Yogita,

As per ur last output,
Its clearly written that ur system is running with Single power supply, its more dangerous if tht single power supply goes down ur system will crash and u may lose important data.

Hence to avoid this pls give the redundant power supply to system, in that case one goes down system will run from the redundant power supply and u will not lose any data.

Go for the Recommended Action:

Hope this solves ur query
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Vishnu Khandare
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