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NFS mount with Buffalo NAS

TE Baker
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NFS mount with Buffalo NAS

Trying to mount a Buffalo TeraStation II under HP-UX (11.0). I am able to mount as a NFS file system and move around on the NAS. When I try to read I file the request times out. Any help would be appreciated!
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Re: NFS mount with Buffalo NAS

we use one for Data transfer with the automounter, option has been as follwing:

/Terastation "-o vers=3,proto=tcp,rw,hard,intr,bg,timeo=600,retrans=5" :/mnt/array1/share

Suraj K Sankari
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Re: NFS mount with Buffalo NAS


How about if we change this value timeo=600 into timeo=800

Steven E. Protter
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Re: NFS mount with Buffalo NAS


The consumer NAS that Buffalo sells, does not include NFS share.


You might want to read up. The exact storage you are talking about is not listed.

The Terastation III does not list NFS as an option, but that is just my quick look. You need to RTFM the exact manual for your unit.

If NFS is not provided, you need to use cifsmount. CIFS/9000 is provided by http:/software.hp.com

You will need the client depot and that requires a reboot to complete installation.

I'm using a consumer buffalo unit in my home as NAS and it plays nicely with Linux systems and HP-UX systems using the CIFS/Samba client as I recommended.

Steven E Protter
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Re: NFS mount with Buffalo NAS


He mentioned that he can mount using nfs, so probably his box talks nfs.

The TerastationPro II got NFS functionality by an firmware upgrade on 18/11/2008, see http://www.buffalo-technology.com/support/downloads/ for details.