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Problem with Virtual printer - optio

G V R Shankar
Valued Contributor

Problem with Virtual printer - optio


We are unable to remove a virtual printer. It gives a message it doesn't exist.

When we try to add it, it says, it is already present.

phap1024/#/optio/eci77/bin/ocvpadm -r oc
Stopping print service... scheduler stopped
removing 'oc' (was '/optio/eci77/doc/oc.dcl') : Orden de Compra ...
/usr/lib/lpadmin: destination "oc" non-existent
Error removing virtual printer "oc" ...
Restarting print service...
scheduler is running
phap1024/home/root#/optio/eci77/bin/ocvpadm -a oc -f /optio/eci77/doc/oc.dcl
Virtual printer "oc" already exists ...

Could you please help me resolve the case.


Re: Problem with Virtual printer - optio

mr google can't find ocvpadm. What program is this and who supports it?
Yahoo finds:

Something about laser forms and DISC.
Valued Contributor

Re: Problem with Virtual printer - optio


removing the OC server is not as easy as removing a printer. Have you contacted Optio support or the vendor who initially installed it?

Sounds like maybe you have an active form job happening that is keeping the oc active.

check for active processes that are using ocserver..