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filesystem type "8e" or "fd" -- plz help

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filesystem type "8e" or "fd" -- plz help

I have created a volume group named "vol1", containing three PVs, which have their filesystem type "8e". and in vol1 i have created two lvms named lvm1 and lvm2.

now i want to create Raid 1, consisting lvm1 and lvm2 .. is it possible ?

I m asking this question bcause, to create a Raid, i always set the filesystem type of the partition "fd", while to create a lvm, the pv filesystem type must be "8e"

So i m confuse.

Plz help me
Thanks n Regards
Stuart Browne
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Re: filesystem type "8e" or "fd" -- plz help

Setting up raid on top of LVM is the wrong way around.

Normally you'd set up LVM on top of RAID, so the entire LVM has the stability of a raid-contaier backend.

As you've got it currently, if any of the LVM stuff dies, all of your raid and filesystems die. i.e. if a disk dies.

The other way around, if you create RAID first, and LVM over the RAID, if a disk dies, the redundant array keeps the LVM intact.

As VLM's dont have 'partitions' or a 'partition table', there's no way to set a partition-type.
One long-haired git at your service...
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Re: filesystem type "8e" or "fd" -- plz help

Thank Dear Stuart ;) and sory for ack tooo late ;(

Once again Thanks