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read an ISO format file?

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Russ Jones_1

read an ISO format file?

I have a file that's in (they say) ISO format. It's not on a CD, it's just a file on disc somewhere. Does anyone know how to read it? I'm on HPUX 11.11.

Thanks ever so much

Russ Jones
Michael Duthie
Trusted Contributor

Re: read an ISO format file?


An ISO file to my knowledge is a CD image file. Using CD burning s/w Nero, Roxio etc, you burn this image file to a CD. Then creating a readable CD. Its used alot in the Linux world for creating OS CDs

Rodney Hills
Honored Contributor

Re: read an ISO format file?

ISO (international standards organization) defines many layouts. Date/Time formats, CD formats. If this file is large but less than 660megbytes, then it could be an ISO CD image.

Many CD burner softwares are able to burn a CD from just such a file. After the CD is burned, then the contents may be either Joliet (MS-Windows) or Rock-Ridge (rest of the world).


-- Rod Hills
There be dragons...
Bill Douglass
Esteemed Contributor

Re: read an ISO format file?

I haven't see an option in hp-ux, but in RH Linux 7.3 you can do:

mount -o loop /path/to/isofile /path/to/mountpoint

The -o loop option tell the ysstem that you are mounting a filesystem image from a file, instead of mounting from a device file.
H.Merijn Brand (procura
Honored Contributor

Re: read an ISO format file?

ISO images can be verified/read/extracted without having them on CD using CDrecord tools.

These are available for free on recent application software CD's. I don't have 11i installed here, so I cannot give you the product number for 11i. for it's home

Enjoy, have FUN! H.Merijn
Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn
Russ Jones_1

Re: read an ISO format file?

Thanks everyone. Once we got the file pulled down from where it originated, we just ran it through Easy CD on a PC and a readable CD with the data we expected came out the other end.

I appreciate everyone's help. Dang you guys are fast!