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some large files in /var/opt/psb/db/pgsql/base/<directories> (HPUX 11.31, 11/09)

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some large files in /var/opt/psb/db/pgsql/base/<directories> (HPUX 11.31, 11/09)



I've found some Files there which are about 1GB in size.


Could be postgres DB-files from Installation of ProviderSvcsCore.SMPGSQL*


But i do not found in docs how i can keep the size small /var is part of the root-vg.


Feebacks are welcome.


regards OK

Sven Bergmann
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Re: some large files in /var/opt/psb/db/pgsql/base/<directories> (HPUX 11.31, 11/09)

...seems like a bug in older SFM Versions.


To resolve this problem i've done the following steps:


1.) cimprovider -ls > /tmp/cimprovider_orig


2.)  Stop psbdb


     #/sbin/init.d/psbdb stop


3.)  Delete the database.


      #cd /var/opt/psb/db

      #rm -r pgsql


4.) Reconfigure ProviderSvcsBase .


    #swconfig -x reconfigure=true -x autoselect_dependencies=false ProviderSvcsBase


5.) Reconfigure SysFaultMgmt and all other providers that has its own database.

 #swconfig -x reconfigure=true -x autoselect_dependencies=false SysFaultMgmt  WBEMP-FCP SAS-                                 PROVIDER RAIDSA-PROVIDER WBEMP-Storage


6.) cimprovider  -ls > /tmp/cimprovider_new


7.) Check that cimserver_orig and cimserver_new have the same number of providers listed


8.) Send test events


    # sfmconfig -t -a


9.) Check if the test events were logged


   # evweb eventviewer -L -x