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swinstall error


swinstall error


I am trying to install a patch on hp ux 11.11 server using swinstall.My software depot is on remote server.I am getting following error
You do not have the required permissions to
select this target. Check permissions using the "swacl"
command or see your system administrator for assistance. Or,
to manage applications designed and packaged for nonprivileged
mode, see the "run_as_superuser" option in the "sd" man page.

swacl -l root is showing

[root@qatetl01:/]# swacl -l root
# swacl Installed Software Access Control List
# For host: qatetl01:/
# Date: Tue Jan 27 22:03:28 2009

# Object Ownership: User= root
# Group=sys

I have tried

# /sbin/init.d/swagentd stop
# cd /var/adm/sw
# mv security security.orig
# cp -Rp /usr/newconfig/var/adm/sw/security .
# /sbin/init.d/swagentd start

But still problem persist.

Thanks in advance.
Ivan Krastev
Honored Contributor

Re: swinstall error

Have you made any changes in network configuration ?
Check proper resolving.


Re: swinstall error

No we do't make any change in network configration
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Re: swinstall error

What is the swinstall command line you are using?
Mel Burslan
Honored Contributor

Re: swinstall error

on the server you are trying to patch, try re-starting swagentd with

# /usr/sbin/swagentd -r

if it does not work just kill it :

# /usr/sbin/swagentd -k

ant then restart it after making sure it is gone

# ps -ef | grep swagentd
(this should return nothing) then
# /usr/sbin/swagentd

Hope this helps. swagentd hangs sometimes and restarting it does not have any harmful effects and solves a bit of problems. Try it as you have nothing to lose.
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Sanjay Yugal Kishore Ha
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Re: swinstall error


This situation might occur if the depot at the remote server(source) has restricted swacl permissions for the software depot.
You can try the steps mentioned in earlier posts of killing your client's swagentd and restarting it again.
Alternatively, if the software is in the form of network depot, then you can swcopy the depot to your target system and re-run the swinstall on your target

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