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Re: terminal display problems

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terminal display problems

We use reflections on a 11.00 machine quite well. We recently purchased a 11.11 and my term settings are off; I have attempted a number of changes to no avail, including using the same .profile.

Specifically the terminal window displays just the first 24 lines and no more. If you attempt to run a command displaying quite a few characters such as man or inv the curser remains at the bottom of the 24 lines and there is no display.

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Eric Ladner
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Re: terminal display problems

Try this after logging in:

eval `resize`

(note.. those are back-ticks, unshifted ~, basically)

See if more and vi, etc will recognize the bigger screen. This is usually called by the window manager not properly sending SIGWINCH to the app that has it's window resized.
Michael Steele_2
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Re: terminal display problems

Check these env var.s.

export TERM=hp (* or xterm *)
export LINES=24
export EDITOR=vi
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Keith Bevan_1
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Re: terminal display problems


I don't know 'Reflection' but assuming this is a terminal emulator.

A number of terminal emulators use the 25th and/or 26th rows for displaying emulator standard screen/error messages, which may be why you only see the 1st 24 lines. This can usually be toggled on/off in the emulator's configuration.

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Bill Hassell
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Re: terminal display problems

If additional lines are displayed only on the 24th row, you have memory lock set on in your Reflection emulator. I am making a big assumption that this is NOT Reflection/X, the Xwindow emulator. Reflection is a generic product family and includes Reflection for HP (aka, Reflection/1), Reflection for Unix (Reflection/2), Reflection for Wxindows and Reflection for the Web. All are different products and while very powerful, you need to be clear about which version you are using.

Note that Reflection/X is often used to start emulators on remote machines rather than local clients. If this is the case and your problem is that you are seeing just one page of data with no history (ie, the ability to scroll back a few pages), then you are likely running Xwindows, borrowing a client program such as xterm or hpterm and the defaults on the remote computer have set the client to one page. You'll need to tell xterm/hpterm/dtterm to use multiple screens in memory (see the man page and make the change in .Xdefaults).

Bill Hassell, sysadmin