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Not able to restore file from backup

Maria Webster
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Not able to restore file from backup

I am trying to restore a file from backup. The backups were created using HP Data Protector Express 3.50 sp2 and it is this I am trying to create a restore job from. Each time I try to run the job, the following error occurs: 1401 Please insert compatible media'.

What does this mean and how do I resolve? I have seen other threads but not come across any satisfactory answers so far. I am quite new to Data protector Express and it does not seem to be very intuitive. In fact, please could you also tell me what the proper steps are for doing a restore?
TapeDrive Killer
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Re: Not able to restore file from backup

DPE will try to restore the latest version of the file so unless you stick in the latest tape you will get this error.

Highlight the folder you want to restore and then look for a botton on top of the restore window that looks like a sheet of paper when you move the mouse it will say "Version" choose the version of the tape that you have.

Pablo Alvarado Siles
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Re: Not able to restore file from backup

In DP-XBackup if a version of the file is not specified, the latest version of the selected object will be restored by default. A Version of a file is a

backup from a particular date on a particular media.


Do NOT put the tape in the drive with out first write protecting it before attempting any data restoration!

If DP-X Backup is trying to run a backup job, and is hung, it may start writing to the tape you want to restore from. There is a write protect tab somewhere on the tape, consult the tape manufacturer's documentation for media specific instructions. During the restore job, DP-X Backup does not write to the tape, so write protecting it will not have any negative consequences.

Action Plan 1:


1. Open DP-X Backup (Start > All Programs > DP-X> DP-X Backup)
2. Create a New Restore Job:
A. Navigate to the Wizards desk bar (in the left column).
B. Double click the Restore item in the right pane.
C. Double click Restore Specific in the right pane.
D. Type a name in the appropriate space then click OK.
This will open the properties of the newly created job.
E. In the "Pages" desk bar (in the right column) click "Selection".
1) Expand the Network item in the Right pane (click the "+" to the left
of the Network item).
2) Locate the object you want to restore within the file system.
3) Highlight the item you want to restore.
4) locate the toolbar above the middle of the properties page
(located at top), click the "Versions" button.
5) In the subsequent window that opens you will see dates -select the
(date) Version you want to restore by highlighting same and clicking
F. Selecting "Device/Media".
1) Select the device you want to use for the restore:
a. Highlight what is in the "Devices to be used" box and click the
"Delete" button at the bottom of this box.
2) Select the "Add" button at the bottom of this box once the field is
3) Double click the Network object in the resulting window.
4) Double click the Devices object.
5) Highlight the device you want to use for the restore, and click the
"Next" button at the bottom of this window.
G. Selecting â Job Options".
1) Click the "Advanced Options" button.
2) Uncheck the following boxes:
a. Mount points
b. Child security
c. Parent security
d. Volume restrictions
3) Select "Next" at the bottom of this window.
H. Change the Schedule type to "Run now" in the drop down list.
I. Select the "Apply" button at the bottom of this window.
J. Select the "OK" button at the bottom of this window to close the
properties of the job.

If prompted, simply click "Yes" and allow the job to run.

Action Plan 2: If you are getting the same error after specifying the correct device for restore, perform import as mentioned below and start restore job again.

To import media

1. Select Wizards from the Favorites desk bar.

2. Display the Media wizards in the list of available media wizards.

3. Select the Import Media wizard.

4. Follow the instructions to select the media to be imported and to schedule the job.

5. If you schedule the job to run now, it will start as soon as you click Finish on the last screen of the wizard.
Maria Webster
Occasional Visitor

Re: Not able to restore file from backup

Thank you both for your replies. I didn't know about the version button but that is where the problem was.
Respected Contributor

Re: Not able to restore file from backup

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