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HPE GreenLake: Improving agility for higher education with public sector IT solutions

Colleges and universities are facing massive changes in how they deliver learning and provision IT resources. HPE GreenLake is an as-a-service experience that provides a practical way forward.

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 By Gretchen Clark, Public Sector Marketing Manager, HPE

COVID-19 has forced colleges and universities to quickly respond to changing needs in order to serve students, faculty and administration. The shift to remote work and online learning was almost overnight!  Many of you, like me, likely have your young adults in college, and you’re aware of the many challenges students faced as they pivoted this past March to remote learning. Throughout this new reality, it became clear that higher education institutions need to be agile and proactive with the ability to scale their IT based on the demand, all while rapidly deploying critical and timely academic apps and services.

HPE GreenLake, our as-a-service, consumption-based IT experience, can help higher education institutions tackle these challenges, with a comprehensive set of public sector IT solutions.

Our solution brief, Manage Today’s Uncertainties in Higher Education with HPE GreenLake, explains the infrastructure challenges that colleges and universities face: “Postsecondary institutions need to be able to consume the outcomes they want when they want them and pay only for what they use, while maintaining the required security and control. Traditional on-premises solutions, however, tend to be too restrictive and often result in over-provisioning and wasted spend. On the other hand, public cloud provides the needed IT flexibility and on-demand scalability but can fall short when it comes to compliance, manageability, and cost control due to hidden fees such as data egress costs.”

That’s where next-generation cloud services from HPE GreenLake can help. HPE GreenLake delivers the desired outcomes by combining the security and performance of on-premises IT with the flexibility and economic advantages of the cloud.

According to a study by Forrester Research cited in the solution brief, the benefits realized by organizations using HPE GreenLake include:

  • 30% CAPEX savings due to eliminated need for overprovisioning
  • 75% shortened time to market for deploying IT projects
  • 40% increased IT team productivity by reducing the support load on IT.

Since this as-a-service experience is new to many, I’d recommend taking a look at this video on how public sector IT solutions can help modernize educational institutions for the future.

Public sector IT solutions bring the cloud experience to on-premises assets

One very popular question we receive – “Is HPE GreenLake for on-premises infrastructure?” The answer is absolutely yes! Higher education has been forced by COVID-19 to adapt and deliver a more blended learning experience – all this in the midst of the cybersecurity concerns and budget pressures that most colleges feel. On-premises infrastructure will continue to play a big role in their response. HPE is ready to help you meet these challenges with HPE GreenLake cloud services and our knowledge and expertise, delivering as-a-service, cloud economics for all of your apps and data, wherever they reside. It’s a pay-per-use model with no capital needed up front, and no overprovisioning.

To stay on top of the latest in public sector digital transformation – visit our new HPE GreenLake for Public Sector site, which has tons of the latest resources and use cases to help transform your IT delivery now and into the future!

To learn more about HPE GreenLake cloud services – the cloud that comes to you – visit

Here’s to the future of higher education!

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