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1920S 48 cannot acccess default VLAN

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1920S 48 cannot acccess default VLAN

I am setting a new HP 1920S 48 switch, I wonder it is different with V19?? switch. I created a untagged VLAN 13 with interface IP, I connect a computer as

My problem is why the computer cannot access the Default VLAN 1  ( cannot ping the switch IP 192.168.1.X), I found there have only one route for,

Am I missed any route, I cannot add some route like  or to swith IP.

Please help. 


Re: 1920S 48 cannot acccess default VLAN


01. You cannot untagged a VLAN. You may be able to untag a port on a VLAN. 02. Tag / untag is a concept used at layer 2 here.
02. Identify the port to where the laptop is connected, from the GUI, untag that port for that particular vlan. Set the PVID to the native VLAN as well.

Example : If my laptop IP and the switch IP belongs to the single broadcast domain and if they fall say VLAN 1, and if it is connected to Port 2, then Port 2 should be untagged for vlan 2 and PVID ID for port 2 should be VLAN 1.

03. On the PC, Set the Switch IP as the Gateway and disable any firewall on the PC.
04. Try pinging the switch from the laptop.


If these above steps alleviates your querry, please dont forget to give kudos!



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Re: 1920S 48 cannot acccess default VLAN

Dear Gunz,

Hi, I made mis-understanding, the switch untag all the port by default and ID = 1, suppose I created untag vlan13 on 30port with ID=13, I connected a PC on port 30 vlan 13, I can ping vlan interface e.g. 13.1. but I cannot ping any IP in Vlan1.

I am working with same idea in V1910 Model, the V1910 with create the route automatically,

but the 1920S will not. I tried to add static route, but reject by the switch with same subnet. 

I did two sererio, I need two VLAN x.x.1.0 and x.x.13.0,

1) Switch IP with x.x.1.0 VLAN 1 and x.x.13.0 VLAN 13,  empty the VLAN1 Interface.
2) Switch IP with x.x.254.0 ,  set VLAN1 Interface to x.x.1.0   and x.x.13.0 VLAN 13,  add route will be added. 

But both cannot ping x.x.1.0 from x.x.13.0
Please also see the attachmentKervin