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HP switch LLDP

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HP switch LLDP

Hi all,


On HP V1810-48G switch all settings are default, i.e. all ports are in default vlan 1 and LLDP is enabled for all ports. On switch are connected IP Phones (Alcatel-Lucent ip touch) and PCs and all must be in the same subnet. Phones and PCs get their IP information from DHCP server which is not providing vlan information to phones and PCs. But IP Phones were getting other vlan and couldn't start. Problem is resolved by disabling LLDP on ports, where IP Phones are connected (on IP Phones LLDP is also enabled by default).
So from where IP Phones are getting other vlan, when voice vlan isn't configured on switch and DHCP isn't providing vlan?
May be PBX?





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