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Loopback Detection

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Loopback Detection

The HPE 1910 JG538A and 1908 + POE Loopback Detection switches do not work. If I disable RSTP Global and enable Loopback Detection on the system + enable ethernet all. If you turn for example patchcord eth1 / 02 in 1/0/6, the switch hangs loopback Detection does not work.
I'm using software 5.20.R1118.
Should Loopback Detection work? Do you work at the test?
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Re: Loopback Detection

Are you confusing "Loopback test" with Loop guard?

MSTP includes Loop Guard, if you have it enabled. RSTP probably doesn't. As far as I know there is no specific configuration for enabling Loop guard, just enabling MSTP enables it.

Also, patching two switchports on the same switch into each other is not what Loop guard is designed to prevent. STP takes care of loops on the switch, Loop guard takes care of remote loops.