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Spanning Tree on network without spanning tree enabled switches

Occasional Contributor

Spanning Tree on network without spanning tree enabled switches



I am new to some networking concepts but am attempting to build up my knowledge and have a query regarding spanning tree. 


I work on an estate that has multiple sites linked with fibre (see attached pic), recently a new fibre connection put in  between Site 1 and Site 4 with a view to us setting up some kind of redundant link to ensure all sites can get a connection to Site 1 should a single link fail. 


Looking into it, its seems spanning tree (or RSTP) is the protocol I need to use to achieve this so that link 4 is blocked until the failure of one of the other links.  I know the V1810-48G's have loop protection but I am aware this is not the same as STP.


Some of the switches I have on the other sites do not support STP, is this setup possible with what I have or would sites 2 and 3 need STP enabled hardware for this to work? 


Kind regards





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Richard Brodie_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Spanning Tree on network without spanning tree enabled switches

You have to be slightly careful with non-spanning tree switches as to whether they forward spanning tree packets transparently or drop them entirely. Some models are, some aren't, for others it depends on what version of the firmware they run.


It appears that 1810Gs are OK .


So yes, it should work. I would double check that you  see the root bridge (as the root) on the other RSTP bridge befrore you connect the redundant link.