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Alpha server / printer question

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Alpha server / printer question

Hello all Thank you for letting me post this. I have been tasked with replacing a printer on our network that prints directly from our Alpha Server. If the IP scheme is the same and the printer is capable of printing post script can I simply put the new printer in place and will the server recognize it? Or will we have to configure the new printer in the Alpha server to recognize it? 

Honored Contributor

Re: Alpha server / printer question

> [...] our Alpha Server.

   Not a very detailed description of anything.

   More important than the computer hardware would be the OS (and/or
other printer-related software) running on that hardware, so an
OS-specific forum might have been a better choice for venue, too.
Actual print-queue configuration might be significant.  If the OS is
VMS, then whether you use DCPS would also be interesting.  Along with
versions of all that software, of course.

   Whether any particular printer would be supported, or compatible with
the old printer, might depend on which printers we're discussing.