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Locations of Legacy Digital / DEC / Compaq Product Information

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Locations of Legacy Digital / DEC / Compaq Product Information


With the recent restructuring of HP, the various Web sites containing legacy Digital / DEC / Compaq Information no longer seem to be accessible.

 Are these sites still available?

 If not are there any plans to make them available.?

The information I am looking for is to support a 20+ year old user-base of a variaety of Digital Unix Systems.

Hardware Platforms are: AlphaServer 2100s, 1200s, DS20s
                                                 AlphaStation 200s, 300s, PWS au 4/5/600s, XP900s, DS10
                                                 StorageWorks Disk Chassis
                                                 2.1GB, 4.3GB 9.1GB 18.2GB Narrow & Wide & Ultra SCSI Disks

This also includes the Firmware for the above Hardware Flatforms.

Operating Systems are: Digital Unix / Tru64 Unix from 3.2G through  to 5.1B (although I am aware that releases Pre 5.1A were not supported even recently)

 Network Hardware : DECServers, DECHubs, DECSwitches, LANCE & Tulip NICs etc. (again I realise that these were sold off to Digital Networks years ago - although the University of Rome used to have a good FTP Mirror Site at until fairly recently)

 In addition, I would find the links to the original QuickSpecs useful, as quite often we are asked to provide spares for these Legacy Systems.

 Thanks for (any of) your help in advance