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Monitor and alert on new Nimble software updates

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Monitor and alert on new Nimble software updates

I am trying to find a way to monitor our Nimble arrays software versions. Ideally I want to be alerted if there is a new version of the NimbleOS is available for the array. 

With Nimble PowerShell Toolkit I can check the current software version by using Get-NSSoftwareVersion. But it doesn't return the release date of the software. Otherwise, I can monitor the date and if it's older than certain amount of days I can alert on that.

Another PowerShell command Start-NSGroupSoftwareDownload, does allow me to download a certain version of Nimble software. But I have to specify the version, which requires manually intervention. 

Alternatively I can try scrap, if there is a software available, it will then trigger an alert to notify for update.

Anyone has done this sort of thing before? Any suggestions will be welcomed.

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Re: Monitor and alert on new Nimble software updates


Perhaps @Chris_Lionetti might have some ideas around this. Although we are working on some ideas around global fleet management of Nimble & Primera systems for this purpose - but nothing to talk about more at this stage.

Side note: we've released the ability for users to specify preferences for NimbleOS adoption criteria within our release cycles of IPR/GAC/GA/LTSR. This is defined for each of your systems within Infosight. Take a look at this blog to learn more:

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