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Protection Template for Microsoft Exchange Logs

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Protection Template for Microsoft Exchange Logs

So I created all the volumes for my exchange 2010 databases.  I added them all to a protection template called Exchange-Databases.  I edited the exchange-info-store template to snap every 4 hours and keep 90 snaps.  Now I am making the exchange log volumes.  Should I just add these to the same protection template as the databases or create their own template/schedule?  Also I chose VSS for the syncronization of my exchange databases and am choosing it as well for the logs.  is that recommended?


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Re: Protection template for exchange logs

Hi Ian,

you'll want your exchange logs to be snapshotted & retained at the same consistency points as your exchange DBs - so yes you should include them in your exchange "volume collection". This will coordinate the VSS synchronisation for both your DB and log volumes.

The Exchange Best Practice Guide may help with configuring your environment to best practices...

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