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Learn how to run your SAP HANA environment with near-zero downtime

Check out the new ESG report to learn how running SAP HANA at near-zero downtime can be key to your business success.

SAP HANA_near zero downtime_blog.jpgHow many times have we heard people talk about how “data is exploding”? I think every webcast I have joined in the last few years started with that phrase.

The real question to ask is: How can all of that data be used? SAP HANA is certainly the first answer that comes to my mind. You can load your Business Warehouse and your Suite for HANA into memory, which cuts processing of particular jobs by a significant amount of time. This is fantastic, right?

Well, if you look at the big picture, you just moved your Suite on HANA which could put your company’s day-to-day operations at risk. Here come more questions: What happens if there is an outage? Can your customers still book orders and you ship products to the customer? Can you run inventory analysis?  Can you pay vendors that are shipping you the raw materials? The answer in all cases is no

So when selecting a vendor to run your SAP HANA environment, you should be careful. Your selected vendor needs to know your SAP HANA workload, have reliable hardware (servers and storage), have a knowledgeable services organization, and have a rich software suite to ensure your downtime is as near zero as possible. 

ESG paper digs deeper on the goal of near-zero downtime for SAP HANA

Analysts at ESG recently wrote a Solution Showcase paper on HPE: Near-zero Downtime for SAP HANA. (Registration required to download.) Here’s the abstract to whet your appetite. The report goes on to highlight the best way to get as near to zero downtime as you can in a SAP HANA environment.

"Organizations are looking to become more data-driven by leveraging real-time data to gain valuable business and customer insights. HPE offers a broad portfolio of solutions, from compute and storage, to software and services, that enable that aspiration to become a reality with SAP HANA. Organizations gain an ultra-reliable platform that ensures data remains readily available and accessible, while meeting the strictest of RPOs and RTOs."


 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Chris Kinzler, WW Technical Marketing Solutions Go-To-Market Manager. Chris has been in the storage industry for around 15 years and has worked at HPE for two years. He manages bringing enablement programs to market based on workloads.



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