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MSA Best Practices: Upgrading Controller Firmware



HPE MSA Storage controller update.jpgWant help to upgrade the firmware on your HPE MSA Storage?  To improve your MSA availability, learn about the best practice for updating MSA Controller Firmware.  I have included a video module detailing the MSA controller firmware best practice. 

I am happy to announce the first part of the MSA Best Practices video trilogy.   Part #1  is on the subject of MSA Controller Firmware updates.  

In HPE MSA Storage there are three main firmware components that can be customer self-upgraded:  controller firmware, expansion I/O module firmware and drive firmware.   Part #1 covers the MSA best practice for updating controller firmware.    The part #1 video explains:

  • How to determine if your MSA needs a controller firmware update
  • Where to obtain the latest MSA controller firmware 
  • The recommended steps to flash your MSA controller

As a simple best practice, it is recommended to use either the Linux or Windows Smart Component to perform the controller firmware upgrade.  In a dual controller configuration, this update can be performed while the MSA is online. 

Remember to maximize your MSA availability it is important to keep the controller firmware up-to-date.  So without further ado, let's take a look at the video: 

Stay tuned for Part #2 when we will cover MSA Expansion I/O Module firmware updates.  In the meantime please visit for the latest MSA firmware.  

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I upgraded the MSA 2040 controller firmware, using the .exe file, as advised by HP.

Fortunately everything went well.

A colleague of mine recommended that I upgraded each controller separately.  However the program, I believe it's called the smart component, upgraded both controllers, automatically, sequentially, without giving a choice of whether to upgrade the second controller, after the upgrade of the first had completed.

Is this method the safest way or is there another way to upgade controllers independantly, makng sure that one controller has completed normall, before upgrading the other?


@Arpo1 - it's not a coincidence that the upgrade successfully completed. The Smart Component was decided to use best practices in doing the upgrade. It checks to see if the controller firmware needs to be updated. If it does, it sets the system in the best configuration for a successful update and then process the upgrade. All during the process it reviews the system, making sure that each upgrade step is completing correctly and does a final review to make sure that all components are at the correct final versions. 

Since having both controllers on the same firmware version is a best practice, once the first controller has successfully updated (which Smart Component confirms), it does automatically update the other controller.