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Looking for some advice, we have a single CS215 connected to our 4node VMware 6.5 cluster, is there a detailed guide on the upgrade process for NimbleOS? Or is it simply click "update" then everything works...., current we have VMware 6.5 and NCM 3.x currently deployed curtesy of VUM.

My colleague who previously supported the Nimble has now since left the company and we have no other Nimbles here and I've been asked to ensure it's up to date.

Any advice very much appreciated.

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Re: -> - with VMware 6.5

Hi Kriss,

It certainly is a 1-click upgrade. However first you should head to Infosight, check out the "Assets" view and click on the firmware version the array is currently running (should be highlighted blue). Here you can see if the array has been blacklisted or whitelisted for certain code revisions based on known bugs in the field. It will also show you what upgrade path you need to take to get to

(Jim Jones wrote a good blog on this here:

If all is good then you can head to the array software screen, download and upgrade the array. The array upgrade process is non-disruptive, and should not require shutting down of any services.... however i'd still recommend to do it out of hours.

I'm assuming that you have NCM 3.4, as that is the only NCM version which is supported for vSphere 6.5.

You will also want to update any NCM for Windows or Linux software you may have running to the latest OS release in tandem.

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Re: -> - with VMware 6.5

Thanks for the mention... but wrong Jim Jones.