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Factory Reset/Wipe

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Factory Reset/Wipe

How do I Factory Reset/Wipe an array? Seems that Array --resetup doesnt really clean it up. We are in process of learning and want to run through a couple of setups from scratch

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Re: Factory Reset/Wipe

Hi Troy,

Please raise a support ticket with our support team who can assist with completing the rest/wipe process for you. Depending on your location you can find the correct toll free number here Customer Support | Nimble Storage.

Hope this information helps.


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Re: Factory Reset/Wipe

That response is not helpful Daniel_monkey. The Support page for nimbles in HPE is a dead loop. I have tried multiple links when searching Nimble and all have lead to the notice "this product is no longer supported"

But I did find the following which should answer the question and provide additional reference material. 

Short answer is: array --resetup

I found the info in a document at the following on Page 11.

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Re: Factory Reset/Wipe


Sorry to hear about the experience with the support webpage   Here are the nimble storage support phone numbers depending on your Geo:

The main page is and search for "Nimble Storage" on that gives you this doc above.

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Re: Factory Reset/Wipe


Indeed - this thread was written >3 years ago, before Nimble was acquired. Hence the link is dead. Thankfully @mamatadesaiNim provided the correct link.

If you need to reset or reinitialise a Nimble array, you MUST speak with Nimble Support for this to happen. You can always email too.

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