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Update InfoSite with the latest Array changes

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Update InfoSite with the latest Array changes

Hi Guys,

How often does a Nimble call home and update infosight? I enabled the Vcenter Plugin and want to enable streaming data; however it says that it is still not registered even after a few good hours. Also, is it possible to change the update schedule or to force it to update manually?



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Re: Update InfoSite with the latest Array changes

Hello Adrian,

Infosight processing is currently done overnight, so typically any changes you make locally are reflected the next day in the cloud tool. You cannot change the processing time as it's done centrally within the Infosight database.

Every array heartbeats home in 5 minute intervals, with a larger end-of-day autosupport bundle being sent at around 5pm in your timezone.

There are plans to make Infosight near-real time with updates and processing - so keep NimbleOS up to date with the latest release!

Nick Dyer
Nimble Field CTO & Evangelist

twitter: @nick_dyer_