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Another C7000 Stacking and linking question.

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Another C7000 Stacking and linking question.

Chris had a stacking question:




I know this has probably been covered before but I am looking for a little confirmation on stacking and linking enclosures.


Stacking to me is making them the same domain. Linking is connecting enclosure from different Domains.


Please correct me if I am wrong, prior to FW 3.30 in order to stack 2 to 4 enclosures, and be in the same Domain, the interconnects had to identical, modules, location and fiber connections.

I have done a dozen this way without issue.


I thought I heard somewhere that enclosures with different interconnects could now be joined in a single Domain with 3.30/3.51. The install manual says when joining enclosures with different interconnects; they will be listed as incompatible. Any confirmation has it changed, or do the old rules still apply?


I also heard it is possible to link connect enclosures of different domains with network interconnection. When doing this, do they show up as stacking links, if so what is visible between Domains?

Or do you have to define them as uplinks?


I am working on a customer VDI solution and they were told they could link a P4800 enclosure (Flex-10 & SAS) with 2 other enclosure (Flex-10 and VCFC) in the same Domain, to eliminate the need to send the iSCSI to a switch first. I could see doing this with 2 Domains, but I have never used stacking cables to link two different Domains.


Any guidance or tips would be greatly appreciated.




Input from Greg:




It is possible to “link” two different VC Domains together.  Define a common network or SUS with an uplink in each VCD and run a cable between them.  This will not extend the VCD’s stacking as the VCD identifiers are different. 


Typically you would configure this link’d topology with two uplinks linking the separate  VC modules (either ACTIVE/STANDBY or ACTIVE/ACTIVE) to support continuing operation during firmware maintenance etc.


Note that the network and its pair in the other VCD are INTERNAL VC networks to each respective VCD.  Only server profiles within to those two VCDs can be allocated these networks. 


Note also that as VC modules are not full L2 switches this topology CANNOT be extended to link additional VCDs.  More enclosures can be added however the additional enclosures will need to be stacked into one or the other VCD.




Any other questions?