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c7000 linking question.

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c7000 linking question.

Pedrag had a stacking question:




How can I link two c7000 enclosures?

I have connected first encl link up port to second c7000 link down port.

OA of both c7000 is 3.32

When I logg in to OA and check both enclosures in sign in page I see on enclosure well, but second show message, LINKED NOT SIGN IN


Is there anything else what I have to do after I physically connect linnk up/don ports?




Lots of comments:




From Chad:

The user account/password you are using has to match on both enclosures


Response from Pedrag:

Do I have to set/change default Administrator password for all OA (primary and standby in both c7000) to be the same?


Response from Dan:

Yes, the credentials you use must be the same on both enclosures.


And from Monty:

If the initial login to the primary enclosure credentials are not the same on the other selected enclosures, the session will begin with those enclosures sharing the same credentials.


You can always “Refresh Topology” on the Rack Overview and see the other linked enclosures.  You can then log into those other enclosures with different credentials.




Good info. Any other comments?