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BL20p G2 Smart Start error after updating firmware


BL20p G2 Smart Start error after updating firmware

I have came across this with multiple BL20p G2's. I looked up the latest firmware these boxes will take and it says 8.0. So I update the FW and once it's done and I boot into smart start to run diagnostics, it just hangs on the loading screen at about 7% (though the percent really has nothing to do with anything)

My config is 4Gb of memory (I have also tried it with 1 Gb (2x512Mb) and 2Gb (2x 1Gb) and nothing has changed. I am also running 2 qty 2.8Ghz procs.

But now here is the confusing part. I decided to use a couple 3.2Ghz procs I have and when I booted into smart start, it works perfect, no issues at all. Is there a known issue with these BL20p G2's and firmware? Also, why would upgrading the procs suddenly make smart start work?

Oh and smart start was working fine with the 2.8Ghz procs before I updated the firmware.