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BL460c G6 hangs after assign VC profile

New Member

BL460c G6 hangs after assign VC profile

Hi all,

I have some issue's with BL460c G6 and Virtual Connect. After I assign a Virtual Connect profile to a blade, the system hangs upon booting.
It hangs after displaying the "Inlet Ambient Temperature" message.

Rom L24 10/01/2009
Ilo 1.80
OA 2.60
VC 2.31
Broadcom 5.0.17.
Emulex 3.03A9 / 280a4.

The things I tried:

- Connect VC profile / reset blade (OA cli)
- Change network profile settings (preferred / auto)
- Enable network boot in Bios on embedded Lan.

I think the problem relates to the network part. Since the Nic is the next thing to boot up.
This issue occurs in multiple enclosures.
All blades boot up fine before attaching a VC profile.
After disconnecting a VC profile some servers still hang. Reset / reboot, sometimes multiple times, solves this.

Off course we did not plan this, and we are likely to run out of our project time because of this. (We thought we had practiced it enough with G1's)

Any idea's are appreciated!

New Member

Re: BL460c G6 hangs after assign VC profile

HP found solution for this. A new HBA multi boot bios will be released.