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Re: BL465c Error in logs

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BL465c Error in logs

We keep getting this error message in the logs and can't seem to find out a solution, we are running the lastest support pack and firmware as well. here is the error log. We also have rebooted several times.

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: Foundation Agents
Event Category: Host
Event ID: 2099
Date: 2009/04/28
Time: 2:36:24 PM
User: N/A
Component: Host Agent
Error: Unable to acquire file system information for %1
Cause: This error can be caused by a low memory condition. Rebooting the server may correct this error.
0000: 01 00 00 00 ....
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Re: BL465c Error in logs

Execute the following command from a command line and reboot the server:

diskperf -N

This disables all logical and physical windows disk performance counters.

Once the server comes back up, re-enable the counters by entering the following from a command line and reboot:

diskperf -Y

Once the performance counters were reset with the above procedure the 2099 Foundation Agent errors in the event log ceased.
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Re: BL465c Error in logs

Thanks for the info.... I read on another post by disabling the Host Information agents does the same thing so thats what we tried and so fat no error messages. But I'm not sure its the right thing to do !!!

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Re: BL465c Error in logs

Yes, But I was not recommending you to completely disable the counters. I recommended to disable it, reboot the server, once it comes back to renable it, reboot again, and it fixes the issue.