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Re: BL465c

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I have a BL465c g1 that fails to pxe boot after a rom upgrade to rom upgrade using the maintenance cd.

ROM VERSION A13 07/27/2009 and ilo firware 1.81 jan 15 2010. My HP 1/10Gb VC-Enet Module are firmware version 1.16.

I was looking to upgrade the firmware for the HP 1/10Gb VC-Enet Module but not based on OS.

From the looks of it the nic cards are not lighting up at all.

Do you have to have one nic card iscsi and the other pxe ?

Any help would be great!!!

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Re: BL465c

What are the FW versions on your OA's? And I have to add, your VC Firmware is VERY old.

Current version is 2.32. Although you may get a few suggestions from this forum, I doubt if anyone will look at this problem seriously with firmware that old.

Good Luck

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Re: BL465c

Thanks Brit.

If you are referring to OA firmware that is at 2.60 Aug 31 2009.

I am aware of the latest version but just wanted to make sure it wasn't something i did wrong before I attempt the upgrade

Right now I am using the vcutil to see if I can upgrade the firmware on the VC Moudle.
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Re: BL465c

Hey Brit,

I upgrade the fc and vc to 2.32 and 1.40 but still no ethernet.

Did I have to upgrade everything in order or I am i missing a step.

I have attached information from my onboard administrator.

***Please note I have not completed the upgrade on the last seven blades but before I do I want to make sure the nic works****
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Re: BL465c

Have you configured your Virtual Connect, and if so have you created a profile for your server?

1. Log in to Virtual Connect Manager. If you have not created an account for yourself, then login using default credentials (normally attached to the module with a tie-on label when the modules arrive.)

2. Step through the wizards (under the tools menu). a) Domain, b) Network, and c) FC.

3. Decide whether you are going to use Uplink_Sets (think "trunking", similar). If yes, define uplink_sets (under "define" menu)

4. Define VC Ethernet networks (under "define" menu). This is how you determine what traffic passes through each NIC and how it gets to the external network, i.e. via an uplink set (trunk), or directly.

5. define VC SANs (under :define" menu).

NOTE: As each of these objects is defined, it should appear in the nav panel on the left. If no icons appear next to them they are probably OK. If any red circles appear with white crosses, then the object has issues, which need to be resolved.

Finally when all these objects are defined in VC, then create a "VC profile", under "define" menu. For each server NIC that you are going to use, (physical ports), assign a VC ethernet network.

assign a VC SAN to each of the VC FC ports that you are going to use.

NOTE: As you assign the VC networks and VC SANs in your profile, the status of each should appear as a green circle with a which check mark.

Power off the server, assign the profile (at bottom of profile screen), and power on your server.
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Re: BL465c

It may sound simple, but also make sure that PXE is enabled for one of your NICs in the system BIOS:

System Options > Embedded NICs > NIC x Boot Options > PXE Boot

Your systems should have one NIC set to PXE Boot and others set to Disabled.

good luck
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Re: BL465c


Thanks for the help but I figured it out this after I posted.

Looking to get the san setup next!!!.

Thanks again