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BL860c - Virtual Connect issue


BL860c - Virtual Connect issue

Got a couple of bl860c's and a bl870c in a c7000 enclosure and trying to get them to access the SAN via Virtual Connect.

Problem we are having is that the profiles appear to be stuck at "Server Factory Default" for the WWN's even though they have been set at profile creation time as allocated by VC and the Blade then booted.

This appears to mean that blades are not logging onto the SAN fabric on boot (or at all) with the FC cards at the OS level showing as awaiting link up. A Wintel blade in the same enclosure using the same settings in VC connects without issues.

Blades are running HPUX 11i v2 with latest patches and firmwares as far as we can see.

Anyone know what could be causing this and what more we can do to try and fix it as we're running out of ideas at the moment.


Re: BL860c - Virtual Connect issue

What type of HBA are you using? QLogic / Emulex?

Additional info like OA and VC firmware would be useful too.
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Re: BL860c - Virtual Connect issue

Make sure that your SAN switches are NPIV capable and that the ports have it enabled.


Re: BL860c - Virtual Connect issue

Problem solved once we obtained access to the onboard admin interface ... whoever assembled the blades and enclosure screwed up and plugged the mezzanine card for the FC interfaces onto the wrong connector on the Unix blades, but correctly on the Wintel ones.

Hence the reason it wasn't working was that this was trying to talk to unpopulated interconnect bays!