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Blade P-Class Power Management Board Fault Codes

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Blade P-Class Power Management Board Fault Codes


Recently we suffered a power downtime due to tech problems with our power line provider.

Our Blade Server UPS run out of battery with the result that our Blade server (6x HP BL30p nodes + SAN) gone down for several hours (nightime).

After the power line restoration out Power Management Board on the Power Enclosure come up with the red led fault. (FW ver. 2.20)
HP IML of every node started to show messages like this:

Power Enclosure Overheating (Zone 1, Location Power Supply, Temperature 0C, Enclosure Serial Number [serial])


Power Enclosure AC Power Problem (Power Supply 1, Reason: AC Power Loss, Enclosure Serial Number [serial]) (same for power supply 2 and 4)

All the system seems to run smooth, with any performance or stability problem.

Then i connected a null modem cable (crossed) (9600-8-n-1 - xon/xof - VT100 Emulation) to my console port of Power Management module and i opened the Fault Codes Page:
Fault code 12 | count 245 | timestamp 236
Fault code 158 | count 1 | timestamp 226

I searched everywhere for a human description of this fault codes without luck :(

In the MAIN Page, every second or two, all the Power supply disappear and the reappear.

I only want to know if it's an Hardware problem (replace of the unit needed) or a possibily firmware bug problem, or a dirt power on of the power enclosure.

Now the system is on-production, i don't want to reset the power management board to avoid system downtime or node downtime.

Can someone provide me a fault code list of the Power Management Board? (409744-001)

Thank you all in advance!